Deck Coating Services Los Angeles CA

Deck coatings are a great way to restore any type of parking deck, pedestrian deck, or pedestrian walkway. A new deck coating hides cracks and spalls, mismatched concrete, or even expired deck coatings.

We can install a variety of deck coatings expected from any professional deck coating installation company. Give us a call to discuss your deck coating contractor requirements.

Vehicular Deck Coatings 

Parking Deck Coatings extend the life of the deck by protecting the cement components from water penetration, various chemicals and salts associated with de-icing, and thermal expansion due to daily heating. When these deteriorating elements are combined with shifting of the structural components due to traffic, over time they are able to crack the building blocks of the parking deck. Vehicular grade deck coatings help to protect the components of the parking deck from damaging environmental envelopes.

There are a variety of different types of parking deck coatings available to meet any budget or warranty level. Generally a sand type media is broadcast into the top deck of the parking deck coating in order to provide a non slip surface for cars to drive on. Parking deck coating services are typically performed in several coats after shot blasting the surface of the parking deck, and preparing the surface for a deck coating.

Our experienced parking deck coating contractors have the knowledge and capability to provide long lasting parking deck coating services for any size or type of deck or drive lane surface. After coating parking decks, we put the finishing touches on the deck like parking bumpers and striping in order to provide a finished appearance.

After the parking deck coating installation, it is important to maintain the top level of the coating to ensure that it is replaced at the end of it's warranted life span, in order to ensure the levels of coating underneath remain viable protective treatments. Regular parking deck coating maintenance ensures the lowest parking deck coating costs in the long run.

Pedestrian Traffic Bearing Coatings 

Our Pedestrian coating installation services range from tennis court coatings to industrial and warehouse floor coating installation services. We have experience providing lasting non slip surfaces which beautify and protect the area. Non slip surfaces are important for exterior and interior pedestrian traffic bearing coatings, especially stairs.

There are a broad range of industrial type floorings based on the traffic and chemical exposure the floor will receive. Industrial flooring installation can often be performed in a manner which beautifies and protects both the floor and the pedestrians walking on the surface. If motorized equipment will be driving on the floor, an epoxy floor system may be the answer you are looking for. It is important to carefully assess the conditions which the floor coating will be subjected to prior to recommending a floor coating.

We have the product knowledge and application experience you should expect from a pedestrian traffic bearing coating business. Call us to learn more about how our floor coating company can work for you.

Epoxy Floor Coatings is another durable coating that can be used for pedestrian walkways and traffic bearing surfaces.

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Deck Coating Services Los Angeles CA